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Ruth Bader Biden

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We are a little over one week removed from the verdict-that verdict-and Democrats have what they've long been craving: a conviction of Donald Trump, 34 times over. What impact, if any, is it having on this noisy roulette game in which we're trapped? Let us do the responsible thing and hedge: too soon, too soon. But early polls suggest that a significant plurality of Americans agree with the jury's decision, and that it could produce at least a small bump in support for President Joe Biden.

I Think I Can Explain Biden's Bad Approval Ratings

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In January of 1980, Jimmy Carter had been in office for three years, and the economy was terrible. Cumulatively, consumer prices were up more than 32 percent since he had entered the White House, and they had been rising steadily for more than 18 months. The unemployment rate was on the rise, after averaging 6.3 percent across his time in office. Wages, adjusted for inflation, had been falling for a year, gas prices were surging, and the interest rate on a typical home mortgage was over 15 percent. Things were very bad, and getting worse.

Biden Taking Wrong Path in Russia-Ukraine War

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There is nothing for the United States to gain and a great deal to lose by expanding the allowed target list of our weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. Risking nuclear escalation is foolish to the highest degree. Biden's permission last week should be rescinded immediately before any damage is done.

Beacons of Hope for the Ukrainian Economy

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Beacons of Hope for the Ukrainian Economy: As donors and investors gather this week in Berlin for the Ukraine Recovery Conference, all eyes are on helping the besieged nation. In Mykolaiv, near the Black Sea, the Danish government assists by jump-starting local businesses, fighting corruption-and helping Ukraine shake off its Soviet economic legacy.

When Hostages Come Home

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I was at the beach in Tel Aviv when the lifeguard broke the news. We cheered and wept for the liberation of strangers that feel like family.


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