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The Campaign Battle for Wisconsin

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The RNC's decision to host this week's convention in Milwaukee turned out to be a sharp electoral move. Though voted upon over two years ago, the selection slots perfectly into Donald Trump's now-clear path towards 270 electoral votes. The Sunbelt states of Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina all

Trump Should Have Never Been Allowed To Take Stage

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Well, what we learned from the director, first of all is the exact timeline that you've already illustrated perfectly, but that raised the obvious question that that we wanted to get answered and weren't allowed to ask, and that is, why did, why was Donald Trump allowed to go on that stage when there was this threat that was serious enough to inform and to notify counter, you know, the counter sharpshooters. And so when we had this moment last night where we we learned that the directors, not only in the building, but on the same level, a few of us were at we that this is our moment to ask...

The Election May Already Be Over

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Former President Donald Trump did something on Thursday night in Milwaukee that this Democrat has never seen before. It will have a profound impact on my party and the 2024 election.


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