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You Can't Cancel Me, I Quit

I was supposed to speak at Furman University. I decided to beg off rather than indulge an angry mob.

Where's All the Ukraine Money Going?

This week, the Senate will vote on my amendment to set up an inspector general to track every single taxpayer dollar going to Ukraine. Who could oppose that?

The Ukraine War Is Far More Than a 'Dispute'

Any Republican eyeing a 2024 run for the White House faces a monumental task: appealing to former Trump voters without alienating anti-Trump Republicans...

The Fair and Unfair Critiques of Kamala Harris

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Florida Sets Shining Example on School Choice

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers have expanded education savings accounts, cementing the state's status as a national leader in education freedom and choice.

House Republicans Define Dysfunctional Politics

It looks as if we've reached the moment when House Republicans realize they are caught in their own trap. Since Republicans took power in January, they have threatened the U.S. economic recovery by refusing to raise the debt ceiling.