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Chicago Public Schools Is a Criminal Enterprise

by Erin Geary February 1, 2023 If you've ever watched an episode of Abbott Elementary, I was a white version of Janine. A passionate, naive, twenty-something teacher unleashed and ready to show my hard-work and dedication. I was going to be THE role model of a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teacher who was there to save young, untapped minds from ... Read More

Why Conservatives Oppose the War

Patrick Buchanan has retired at 84 after a long and influential career as a writer, TV commentator and presidential advisor (Nixon, Ford and Reagan). He saw through George H.W. Bush and later opposed the Gulf War. He opposes the blank check Washington has given Zelensky in this war.

Black Power Pioneers Have a Message for Today

Like so many other turning points in Black history, it started with a police incident. In the summer of 1966, America's top civil rights leaders had descended on Mississippi for what became known as the Meredith March. They were making their way from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi to carry on a solo voting rights march begun by James Meredith, the Black activist who had integrated the University of Mississippi three years earlier. Meredith had been shot by a White supremacist and hospitalized with severe bullet wounds.

Death or Glory in Russia

Slavoj Zizek traces the religious and intellectual roots of the Kremlin's increasingly morbid war propaganda.

FBI Shouldn't Ignore Treasure Trove of Biden Docs

The FBI searched President Joe Biden's house in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware on Wednesday looking for more classified documents. They should also visit the Univ. of Delaware in their quest.

Bipartisan Biden Can Lead, Govern, and Win

At a moment in history when a significant majority of a bitterly divided nation hungers for a government that acts to serve their hopes and needs, and not engage in self-serving attacks and inquisi...