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Guilt Without Vice, Innocence Without Virtue

Georgetown political theorist Joshua Mitchell has written that rare book that captures the state of our souls and describes our situation with clarity, astuteness, and spiritual depth. American Awakening is a book that expertly combines classical political philosophy with penetrating cultural diagnosis in a manner that holds up a revealing mirror to the great afflictions of our time. At the same time, Mitchell admirably avoids narrow partisanship and undue polemics.

Why Dems Face Uphill Battle in GA Senate Runoffs

Democrats need to win both of two Georgia runoffs to take control of the Senate. But despite President-elect Joe Biden carrying the state, they're fighting an uphill battle in both races - particularly given they took fewer votes than Republicans the first time around in each race.

Only Liberals Can Stop Illiberalism

When my liberal friends share their apocalyptic fears about right-wing brown shirts, I say, "I've never encountered one of those people; have you?" The answer is always no.

Trump Admin Approves Start of Transition to Biden

President-elect Joe Biden and his team will begin to delve into Donald Trump's coronavirus vaccine planning and assess the condition of federal agencies after the president relented and allowed the transition planning to begin.

What Next for Trump Legal Team?

The Trump campaign's top lawyers -- Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis -- went into the weekend on the offense. On Thursday they held a news conference vowing to prove the existence of a far-ranging conspiracy to defeat the president. They were pressing a case alleging unfair voting practices in Pennsylvania. They were predicting victory. By Sunday night, everything had changed. A judge threw out the Pennsylvania case. Then, amid widespread skepticism, Powell, the author of a theory that voting machines had changed millions of Trump votes into Biden votes, was booted from the team,...

Losing Side Needs to Accept Reality That Biden Won

When Fox News called Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden shortly after the polls closed there on Election Night, right-wing social media erupted in fury. Fox is the most conservative of the nation's major news outlets, and its aggressive Arizona call-which most other national outlets did not follow for days-left true believers on the right feeling betrayed.

Something Rotten in Pennsylvania

Americans deserve to know whether the most consequential state in the most consequential presidential race in modern history handled everything on the up-and-up. Right now, it seems they didn't.

Why U.S. Security Depends on Alliances

The world is not getting safer, for the United States or for U.S. interests. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the 2017 National Defense Strategy described an international environment of increased global disorder, long-term strategic competition, rapid dispersion of technologies, and eroding U.S. military advantages. Protecting the United States requires a strategy of defense in depth-that is, of identifying and dealing with global problems where they occur rather than waiting for threats to reach American shores.