Newsletter (1611) - November 2016

NEXT KCDW MEETING NOV 16TH (WEDNESDAY): Yacht Club Broiler – No host lunch – 11:30 am; Meeting – 12:30 pm. This will be our re-organization meeting. NO RSVP required. 




Why? Because long ago, during the Vietnam War when many of us felt deep embarrassment about that war, I found no matter where I went I was still an American. So, I returned home to do what I could to make my country a better place. Why? Because I refuse to leave my country totally in the hands of these deplorables. They may have won the election, but we won the popular vote. There are more of us then there are of them and there are still things we can do to obstruct their most despicable objectives. I don’t know what all yet, but I feel the storm gathering to mount a major resistance. Why? Because while I, myself, may not be as directly affected by ‘he-who-shall-not-be-named’ (aka T) as many other vulnerable people will be, I want to be there for them. Why? Because what happens in this country, particularly in foreign affairs and climate change, will affect the whole world. Canada will not be far enough away. Better to be here to, with the help of others, directly mitigate as much as I can. Why? Because my country is in crisis and I will not run away. 


One of my nieces said she was going to take a day to mourn, but would then start getting active. I don’t believe she has ever been active before. One brother declared he would join the ACLU. The other encouraged the rest of his siblings to support a Southern Poverty Law Center petition. Signing it, I wondered if I had just put my name on an enemies list, but my brother said it was a list of honor. This is just within my family, but I’m hearing from friends all over that they are ready to act when they have been mostly bystanders before. I have taken more than a day to mourn, postponing even writing this Newsletter. But I’m ready now. I will not take this lying down. Aaron Sorkin wrote the following to his daughter and ex-wife “America didn’t stop being America last night and we didn’t stop being Americans and here’s the thing about Americans: Our darkest days have always – always – been followed by our finest hours.” I believe this, but only if we take this as a call to action. 


I truly hesitate to follow in his footsteps, but to paraphrase Mitch McConnell, ‘my number one priority is making T a one term president’ at the most. Professor Allan Lichtman, an American political historian, was one of the very few professional prognosticators who declared the correct outcome of this election. Using his own system, he has a 30-year record of getting it right (except he did predict a Gore win, which had the Supreme Court not intervened would have happened). Well, relying on his gut only this time, he is now predicting T will be impeached by the Republicans. The reason being that they will not be able to control him and he is very likely to commit an impeachable act. Let’s hope it is not one that blows up the planet. That leaves us with Pence. Not sure whether to take comfort from this, as Pence’s political views are far too fundamentalist. However, he is not so thin skinned that he cannot be trusted with the nuclear football and I seriously doubt he could be re-elected. He just doesn’t have the following or the charisma. 


However, I also think that T would have a hard time getting re-elected. While in the process of creating havoc, I think he will also seriously disappoint many of his most avid followers. There is no way a wall will be built. With T’s tax breaks for the wealthy, the economy will tank as it did under Bush, leaving those angry white men even angrier as they lose what jobs they have. Mass deportation of illegal immigrants will prove more difficult and costly than Congress will support. And I think with T’s hostile attitude toward Muslims we will see an increase in homegrown terrorism. 


So, it is time to start looking for a good candidate for 2020. It would be great if it were a woman. Of course, I have always loved Elizabeth Warren. Even if she is not interested in running, I think she will be a serious rallying point for us. In looking for inspiration, my sister directed me to Jason Kander who ran for the U.S. Senate in Missouri. As a Democrat, running against an incumbent, in a state T won by 19%, Kander came within 3% of winning. And he stayed true to liberal values. He’s not a woman, and he is not a minority, but he is an Afghanistan veteran and he is very refreshing. See the concession email he sent out to his supporters: concess Maybe he and Tammy Duckworth would be a good ticket? Just saying, keep your eyes open for someone to lead us out of this morass. 


KCDW Holiday Party will be Sunday December 11th, starting at 1 pm at Ambrosia’s. More details will be sent shortly. There will be a silent auction for which we would appreciate donations. If you have any, please bring them to the Nov. meeting. 


OTHER UPCOMING DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS AND EVENTS: (*GM designates a general membership meeting) 

Kitsap County Democratic Central Committee: GM* Nov 21st (Monday); 6:30 pm Desserts; 7 pm meeting; Eagles Nest 

        Holiday Party Dec. 3rd (Saturday); 5-8 pm; Kitsap Conference. Center. Bremerton 

23rd Legislative District Democrats: Re-org Meeting Dec. 14th (Wednesday); 6 pm Social; 7 pm meeting; Poulsbo Library 

26th Legislative District Democrats: GM* Dec 1st (Thursday); 7-9 pm; Kitsap Rm, Givens Ctr. 1026 Sidney Rd, Pt Orchard 

35th Legislative District Democrats: Re-org Meeting Dec 3rd (Saturday) Noon – 2 pm; North Mason School District



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“Since Wednesday, over 30 Democrats I haven't had the pleasure of meeting have emailed me, asking how they can join our local party and get involved. I have been invited to numerous, local social media groups, finding community members looking for a way to get involved. We may have been knocked down, but more are ready to join us for the fight. For the first time since Tuesday night, I feel hopeful. I hope you take your time to process what has happened. There is no timetable for when you'll start to feel hopeful again. But when you're ready, I hope you will join me in continuing our work. Racism, misogyny, and bigotry will not be tolerated in our community, state, or country. And if we stand together, we can make sure we keep Washington blue, elect progressive local officials, take back the Senate in 2018, and make Donald Trump a single term president.” Katherine Woods, Chair of the Kitsap County Democratic Central Committee.