Newsletter (1610) - October 2016

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WHERE ARE WE NOW? – by Jo Fox Burr 


Eight years ago, we Democrats had a truly unprecedented situation. As the dust finally began to settle on the 2008 presidential primary, no white man was left standing. We had only a black man and a woman. Possibly the black man won because of his greater charisma. But could it also be because we were more ready to accept that an educated black MAN was more capable of being President than a WOMAN? Perhaps. As Democrats, the wind was at our back. The incumbent white male President was a Republican, and given that usually one party is unable to hold the Presidency for more than eight years, it was our turn. Further because of the disastrous Iraq War and tumbling economy, the incumbent was very unpopular. Most of the country was ready for a real change and Barack Obama certainly offered that. 


The problem was that as ready as we Democrats were for a black President, it was a very bitter pill to swallow for the Republicans, many of whom came from former slave owning states. Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Senate GOP Minority leader, declared that his primary goal was to ensure Obama would be a one term president. Then he and his fellow Republicans set out to obstruct anything Obama tried to do, even if it was something they had initially favored. They were determined to destroy his presidency, not caring how it affected the country. The disrespect they showed Obama was beneath contempt, but I guess his being black made it OK to them. In fact, it probably made it imperative for them to do. Yet Obama was criticized for not wanting to socialize with them. Really? 


The Republican Party is currently in the process of totally imploding today and I think it all started with the election of our first black president. You see despite their best efforts, Obama not only won a second term resoundingly, he has also been an amazingly transformative president. He has been the change many of us were waiting for. This has been far too much for many Republicans to handle. As a result, there has been a growing cancer within the GOP which is feeding open bigotry, hate, and misogyny and it has taken control of the party. Hence, the emergence of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (aka Slime Ball) as their totally disgusting presidential candidate. It all goes to show, if you take the low road, you will ultimately end up in the gutter. And despite the fact that it should be their turn to win the Presidency, as Slime Ball proves more deplorable every day, they are now likely to lose it to a WOMAN! Oh the HORROR! 


Where does that leave us, though? Assuming Clinton wins and Slime Ball loses, is it possible for the Republican Party to cleanse itself of this cancer and become respectable again? Is it possible to accept the change both Obama has brought and Hillary Clinton will bring with grace? Is it possible for them to become mature enough to accept that minority people and women are as worthy of being President as white men? I truly hope it is, as we really do function better as a nation when we have a strong and healthy two party system. And the GOP will never be strong or healthy again if it remains shackled by this cancer. Hopefully Slime Ball will serve as a wake-up call. How could the party go any lower? It would be nice to think something positive could come from this despicable candidacy. However, I think this will only happen if the GOP loses ‘bigly.’ I think it will only happen if Slime Ball proves to not only be a big loser himself, but also manages to negatively impact the outcome of down ballot GOP candidates. It’s the only way I think Slime Ball’s manic followers, who are the core of this cancer, can fully realize their hatred and prejudices should be something to be embarrassed about, and that their idol is like the emperor who has no clothes. Slime Ball has given them unrealistic and unhealthy hope which must be vanquished once and for all. It is imperative we make sure this happens. Please come help get out the vote and swing at least this state clearly into the Democratic column. 


Special Election Notes: The Kitsap County Democrats Office is at 9435 Provost Rd NW, Silverdale. Ballots will be mailed October 19th. Get them in early. There will be two Election night celebrations of the first woman President. One at Everybodies in Port Orchard and one at the Honor Bar in Bremerton. Both will start at 5:00 pm. 


OTHER UPCOMING DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS AND EVENTS: (*GM designates a general membership meeting) 

Kitsap County Democratic Central Committee: GM* Oct 17th (Monday); 6:30 pm Desserts; 7 pm meeting; Eagles Nest 

23rd Legislative District Democrats: Re-org Meeting - Dec. 14th (Wednesday); 6 -7 pm meeting; Poulsbo Library 

26th Legislative District Democrats: GM* Nov 3rd (Thursday); 7-9 pm; Kitsap Rm, Givens Ctr. 1026 Sidney Rd, Pt Orchard 

35th Legislative District Democrats: GM* Dec 3rd (Saturday) Place & Time TBA 

WINE & DIAL IS BACK! Every Wed Eve until election; 5 pm; Kitsap Co. Dem. Office;


“And you know, the term ‘thug politics,’ I thought about that a lot throughout this debate. Not to get too dramatic, but my father came to this country from the Democratic Republic of Congo.…We need to not speed past the point that an American candidate for President threatened to jail his political opponent. This is something that Human Rights Watch, that Amnesty International is investigating in the Democratic Republic of Congo right now. Right now. Because as of this summer, a political opponent of the current leader was put in jail on charges. This happens in Malaysia, in Uganda. This does not happen in the United States of America.” - Joy Reid on MSNBC commenting on the last presidential debate